Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Should I ditch friends who are a bad influence?

Question: The people I am hanging out with are starting to get into things that I dont necessarily approve of and if I decide to say anything about it they will push me away or ignore me and I dont want to lose them as friends and its really hard for me to just watch them do this. Like I really have been praying
and I still dont know what to do. It's out of my control what they are doing.

The biggest problem is though is that I am the only one who is staying out of the whole mess. Its really difficult because I am the only one who doesn't smoke or get high. And I can say no, I know what to do but I just want someone to say no with me.

I know that i have alot of friends from camp that will be there for me but, I dont have anyone at school to support me. In all honesty I feel so alone. Like I have to do this by mysef and I dont know what to do... so if you could give me some
advice or know someone that goes to my High School that I can hang out with please let me know.

Answer I'll try to think of whether or not there's anyone at your High School that you can hang out with- there must be some other camp people there, I would think! But I do have this suggestion. Why don't you get involved in the youth groups and events happening in Cyour area? That way you will start making more camp like friends that you could hang out with on evenings and weekends- and probably you'll meet some kids from your school that you didn't even know were into their faith!

I know that there are a lot of good people from your church that you may be able to hang out with. Or call the other camp peaople that live in your area- you guys should get together more, form your own group of friends who can support each other.

Are you coming to the Retreats at camp? That's another possibility. We are planning more and more retreats, so that teens don't have to go a whole year between experiencing God, and they can grow more quickly, and develop better friends.

I know you don't want to hear this, but in truth if your friends are dragging you down- then they are not helping you become who you are- you may have to make new friends. Friendship is valuable, of course, but not as much as your faith life! Ask the question, are they helping your grow closer to God, or tearing you away? Do they make you authentically happier, or just sadder? (That goes for boyfriends too, only more so. Is your BF into this stuff?)

I will pray for you lots, and am there for you if you need someone!

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