Saturday, January 26, 2013

Denmark does not exist!

I discovered something astonishing.  Denmark does not exist!  It is a conspiracy by cartographers.  (Line borrowed from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.)

Think about it.  Probably you, like me, have grown up thinking Denmark was real.  But have you ever been there?  No?  Know anyone who has?  Suspicious, isn't it?  I met a girl once who claimed to be from Denmark.  Beautiful and deceptive.  I guess I just never thought of it before.

But where is the logical evidence that Denmark exists?  Maps?  Referring to maps is a fallacy, called "Call to authority."  How do I know that cartographers aren't all in on it?  And more likely, they are just all copying each other anyway.  Have you ever noticed that some maps have a distorted picture of Denmark compared to others? Like the risk board?  Think about it!

So maps can't be trusted.  What about people who claim to have seen it or visited it?  I don't want to say they are all liars, but they might be naive.  What they thought was Denmark could just as easily have been Sweden. I mean, it's remarkably similar, by all accounts.

But then there is the Danes- like that girl I met.  Some of them no doubt are just naive and have been lied to.  But a lot of them, notably the leaders and teachers, must be deliberately lying.  After all, there is no proof!  There's photos and videos and things, but these are all hoaxes.

How do I explain then the worldwide phenomenon of people claiming to have first hand experience of Denmark?  I'm sure there is an answer to that question.  Just cause I don't know it, though, proves nothing.  Don't argue from ignorance!

I even suspect that Shakespeare was aware of this, and he let on by saying "There's something rotten in the state of Denmark."  I'm gonna write a book about it, call it "The Shakespeare Code".

OK, so I am having fun with this....  but have you ever noticed that people argue against Christianity following these lines?  They say "There's no proof."  We say "There's documents, eye witnesses, authority of the Church, scientifically authenticated miracles, ".   They say "Documents could be faked, eyewitnesses could lie, don't use call to authority, and just cause a phenomenon that seems to demonstrate the very thing you are claiming-  well there could be another explanation for it so don't argue from ignorance."

Hmmm.  Fascinating!  

Now granted, there is better reason to doubt the existence of God than to doubt the existence of Denmark.  But unless you've decided to throw out the evidence for God ahead of time, there's actually quite a bit!


  1. Big difference... we can verify the existence of Denmark personally. It is possible. I think the argument against God is that there really is no way of knowing personally, unless God revealed himself to us individually.

    I hear you though...

  2. "scientifically authenticated miracles"

    You say that like that has actually happened.

    Also, how do you justify God murdering babies and young children? This question is not meant to sound condescending, so I apologize if it does. I'm genuinely curious.

    I'll cite the following instances.

    1) God murdered the Egyptian first-born, just to prove a point.
    2) If you believe that God flooded the world, then he drowned thousands of innocent babies to death.

    Why is it okay for God to commit child-murder and sacrifice innocents?

    Also, do babies go straight to heaven when they die? If not, what is the point of purgatory, seems like a pointless middleman to me. Why not just send em straight to heaven? Then again, that forces them into heaven which means that they have no choice in the matter, no free will, eliminating any value in faith or the "decision" to go to heaven or hell. Is purgatory like another Earth where babies get to grow up and make this decision for themselves? How come the Bible makes the death of infants such a confusing issue? God obviously has SOME kind of idea seeing as he kills them all the time, or has them killed by his chosen people.

    DO you yourself feel morally okay bowing before an entity who slaughters babies en masse?

  3. Were you on drugs when you Wrote this shit

  4. So i just found out i live in Sweden then