Monday, October 1, 2012

If prophets lived today....

Movie scene-  In modern ish times, with Trump not for political so much as comical reasons.
New York City
Basement of Trump Tower..
Samson is seen tied to two pillars,  He is blind, and hangs his head in shame.  His hair, which is regrowing, hangs in front of his face. President Trump  enters, flanked by two secret service agents.

“Ok, Samson, you’ve been here long enough.  Tell me, where are the other prophets?”
“I will tell you nothing.”

“We have ways of making you talk.”

“You can do nothing to me”

“We have Delilah…”

“That double crossing…. I thought I loved her once.”

A secret service agent interrupts “Never trust a Columbian.”

Trump grabs Samson by the throat.  “You and your prophets are the last piece of resistance between me and complete rule over this country.”

Samson- “Wow, for someone with such small hands, you have a pretty good grip”

Trump is delighted with having been complimented, so he immediately releases Samson is order to tweet about it.

Samson- “Look Mr President, we prophets stand for truth and justice against tyranny.  We also opposed Mr. Obama when he tried to consolidate total power over this country.”

A secret service agent muttered “That would be an Obama Nation.”

Trump said “You think you are strong enough to defeat me?  Ever since we cut your hair, you’ve been weak.”

Samson “You of all people should know that true power does not lie in a good haircut.”
Just then Moses enters. Trump turns “How did you get in here?  This is a non-prophet organization!”

Moses orders “Let my people go.”

Trump “You can’t order me around.  I am the supreme ruler!”

“I work for a higher power now”

“Don’t tell me you are working for Bush…”

“In a manner of speaking….  I am.”

“Arrest him!”

But then Moses lifts his staff.  Suddenly frogs come pouring in through every entrance.  Obama and his men are momentarily distracted, and at that moment  Samson flexes, pulling the chains inwards, and collapsing the columns he was chained to.

Trump  ``Those were load bearing``

They all scramble outside the building before it collapses.  Moses and Samson join Elijah, Judah Maccabees, Elisha, Joshua, and others.

Moses “Where’s Jonah?”
Elijah “He’s on an inside job.”

As the building falls behind them, Obama yells  ‘there they are! Get them!”
Suddenly, the Prophets are being pursued by police and army and secret agents.  Moses leads the exodus, while Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind. He calls for fire from Heaven.  A huge fireball consumes the army behind them. Daniel yells “No! Some of our people are back there!”  But Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego escape the fire unharmed.

As the prophets  retreat towards the Hudson, a number of skirmishes break out.  Samson fights using the Jawbone of a Donkey. Joshua blows his horn, collapsing all of Wall Street.
Trump “We’re gonna make them pay for that wall.”
Elisha calls for two bears who rip 42 of their enemies apart.
Cornered against the Hudson, Moses raises his staff, and the waters part.  But as they cross, they are suddenly confronted by a Massive army helicopter, hovering above the break in the water.  The Philistine 430 is nothing short of a flying tank, armed with automatic weapons and heat seeking missiles. The commander of the aircraft snickers when he sees his adversaries , with their long beards and dressed in bathrobes, carrying staffs for weapons.  It looks as though the prophets are trapped. A young skinny David takes a stone and puts it into his sling, as movie goes into slow motion…..

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